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Title: Snowmaiden
Artist: Guryleova Marie
Size: 25x15x6
Size (inches): 10x6x2.75
Price: $1350 $950

This beautiful box was created by the talented Artist Marie Gurileova from the village of Palekh. Everything is very well organized. There are multiple areas to focus upon, and still the drama is easy to decipher. This is all thanks to the expertise of the artist!
This scene features the ending of Snowmaiden fairytale. Snowmaiden is staying on a brdge between her Father Frost and her Mother Spring. In the end Snowmaden must melt...
Classic Palekh training, combined with a keen individual talents, makes this composition a pleasure to behold. Dynamic and emotive, the scene is carefully balanced and smartly detailed. Gold and aluminum paint make up the fine details and highlights within every element of the scene.
The box is made of paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the work while red lacquer completes the interior of the piece. As customary with Palekh tradition, the black lacquer exterior also acts like the background for the scene. This feature brings added life to the forest surroundings, making them a natural stage for the drama at hand. A hinge has been fastened above the composition. The lid's artistry has been framed with a string of golden beads. The sides have been decorated with a golden filigree pattern that glows radiantly. Crisp aluminum wild flowers accentuate this golden filigree. The box rests flat. The artist wrote her name, year and the village name of Palekh along the bottom of the composition in gold paint.

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