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Title: Puss in Boots
Artist: Smirnova Vera
Size: 19.5x15.5x4.5
Size (inches): 7.75x6x1.75
Price : $1650 SOLD!


This busy with many characters composition was painted by Palekh Master Vera Smirnova.It is based on the fairy-tale "Puss In Boots" written by French writer Charles Perrault. Charles Perrault first published his collection of classic French folk tales 300 years ago, including "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," and this entertaining story about a cunning and clever cat.
In "Puss In Boots", a poor miller dies and leaves his youngest son nothing but a cat. The son is none too happy about it, either; " ...once I've eaten my cat and made a muff out of the fur, I'm sure to starve," he says. But what a legacy the bequeathed cat turns out to be! The cat in tall boots creates a new identity for the youngest son--the Marquis of Carabas, complete with fine clothes, fields of wheat, a castle stolen from an ogre, and in the end, the respect of the king and the hand of the king's daughter.
In the center of the composition there are main characters of this tale: the miller's youngest son and his cat. In the right upper corner there is the scene featuring the cat is sit in front of real magician and saying him, that the cat is won't believe that such a big magician can turn into a little mouse...
In the left bottom corner the miller's youngest son who is now known as the Marquis of Carabas is standing waist-deep in the water. The cat has hidden his poor clothes, and again deceived the king telling that his master has been robbed and his clothes disappeared. Having heard many stories about the rich Marquis of Carabas told by the sly cat, the king orders to give "the poor fellow" his most elegant suit. The king's daughter looks at the handsome cat's master, and from this moment the two fall in love with each other. In the left upper corner peasants crop wheat. Later the cat will deceive the king again saying that these peasants are the property of his master. In the right bottom corner there is the final scene of the tale showing the wedding of the cat's master and the king's daughter.
The palette is based on bold tones to convey the bright spirit of the Summer season. Gold and silver are used to highlight the elements of the scene, and to accentuate details. The architecture in relation to the landscape is depicted with skill and ease. Each of the characters is painted to carry his own unique character traits that signal just how good this artist is.
The composition is framed by a gold pattern. The box's sides are ornamented in gold filigree.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box and red lacquer for the interior. The box has a hinge located to the top of the composition and rests on four legs. The work is signed and dated (2011) by the artist.

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