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Title: Tale of a Golden Rooster
Artist: Dobrina Olga
Size: 15.5x19.5x3
Size (inches): 6.25x7.75x1.25
Price: $375

This well-detailed composition was painted by Kholui artist Dobrina Olga. It depicts a scene from the Pushkin's "Fairy-tale of Golden Cockerel".
From this popular tale we know that Tsar Dodon has sent his sons out to find the enemy that threatens his Kingdom. Instead of enemy army, the sons find the tent of a beautiful maiden, the Shamakha Queen. Both of them fall in love with her and nobody of them wants to share such a beauty with the other. As a result of it, they command their armies to battle each other.
Tsar Dadon waits for his sons' return for some time. Realizing that they may get into trouble, he goes himself to see what is wrong, and discovers his sons dead; he also encounters the beautiful Shamakha Queen and is instantly smitten with her beauty. He forgets about his boys and asks her to come back to his kingdom.
Tsar Dadon returns to his kingdom with the Shemakha Queen intending to marry her. He is stopped by the astrologer who asks to fulfill his promised wish, but astrologer wishes to marry the Shemakha Queen instead of Tsar Dadon. Swelling with rage Dadon strikes the astrologer with his staff, while simultaneously the cockerel pecks Dadon to the death.
The artist shows Dadon meeting the Shemakha Queen at her tent. She is young and beautiful; her beauty is so powerful that anybody may fall in love with her at first sight and become obsessed and enslaved by her charms.
The artist uses an attractive combination of contrast colors for the main details, and pleasant green and blue for the background. The artist's use of gold is so fine and masterful that is deserves this special mention.
The box is made of paper-mache. The scene on the lid is framed with rich gold and silver ornamentation. The sides of the box are adorned with a handsome gold and silver ornaments as well!
The box is hinged to the left from the composition and rests on a flat bottom. Exterior of the box is of black color, interior is red.
It is signed with the artist's name, Kholui and title on the exterior of the base of the box.

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