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Title: Tale of Fire Bird
Artist: Kosterina Olga
Size: 6.5x18x4
Size (inches): 2.5x7x1.5
Price: $195

Talented artsit Olga Kosterina from the village of Kholui has crafted this composition based on the interesting tale "The Hump Backed Little Pony".
The subject of this handsome box is the popular fairy-tale "The Humpbacked Little Pony". This tale tells about the adventures of the stableman Ivan and his faithful friend the Humpbacked Little Pony who is a magical creature.
In the beginning of the Fairy tale Ivan catches the magic mare that have trampled down the rye field of his father. Later on this mane will give birth to two beautiful steeds with the golden mane and to a little Humpbacked Pony. These steeds will be the reason of Ivan's future adventures. By selling them to the Tsar, Ivan finds the job of a tsar's stableman, and soon he is obliged to fulfill the tsar's extravagant tasks: to catch the magic Fire Bird, to kidnap the beautiful Tsar Maiden, to get the Tsar Maiden's ring lost somewhere on the bottom of the ocean, and to bathe in the ice and boiling water. Ivan successfully fulfills all these difficult tasks with the help of his faithful friend the Humpbacked Pony and in the end of the story marries the beautiful Tsar Maiden.
Bright figures of Ivan and the Fire-Bird are painted in contrast against the violet and gren background.
The box is made of paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior and red lacquer is used to paint the interior of the box. The box has a hinge located to the left of the composition and rests flat. The work is signed with the artist name, village of Kholui and title.

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