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Title: Ivanushka and Baba Yaga
Artist: Kosterina Olga
Size: 19x8x5.5
Size (inches): 8x8x2.5
Price: $295

Talented artist Olga Kosterina has painted this scene, showing Ivanushka and Baba Yaga inside her Hut on chicken legs. Ivanushka is sitting on a wooden shovel and Baba Yaga is trying to shove him into the oven.
This is an episode from tale of Geese and Swans.
Baba-Yaga is the oldest character of the Slavonic mythology. Originally Baba-Yaga was the goddess of death; people imagined her as a woman with the snake tail who guarded the entrance into the other world and accompanied the souls of dead people into the Kingdom of the Dead.
Baba Yaga is the most famous figure in Russian fairy tales that represents evil. It is a character of such fairy-tales as "Marya Morevna", "Princess Frog", "The Tale of Life Water and Youth Giving Apples" and some others.
The painting on a lid is framed with a gold ornament. The sides of the box are decorated with gold pattern and the painting of poison mushrooms.
The box's interior is covered with red paint. The exterior is painted black.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. A hinge is fastened to the top of the scene, and the box rests flat.
The box is signed with the artist's name, Kholui and title- Ivanushka and Baba-Yaga.

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