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Title: Tale of Tsar Saltan
Artist: Veselov Mikhail
Size: 22.5x15.5x7
Size (inches): 8.75x6x2.75
Price : $1295 SOLD!


This gorgeous composition was painted by a famous Kholui Master, Mikhail Veselov.It is based on the very beggining of Pushkin's Fairy Tale, tale of Tsar Saltan.
Here is a plot of the begining of this story...
Long ago in a faraway kingdom, three sisters were outside in the courtyard talking, imagining what they would do if they were married to Tsar Saltan. One said that she would prepare a great feast for the entire world. The next said that she would weave linen for the entire world. The third said that she would give the tsar "an heir, handsome and brave beyond compare".
It so happened that the tsar, who was just outside the fence, overheard the conversation. When he heard the words of the last maiden, he fell in love and asked her to be his wife. They were married that very same night and conceived a son soon after. The other sisters were given jobs as a cook and a weaver. A few months later the tsar went to war and had to part with his beloved wife. While he was at war his wife, the queen, gave birth to his son. A rider was sent to the tsar to convey the good news. However, the two sisters and a friend named Barbarikha were so jealous of their sister's luck that they kidnapped the rider and replaced him with their own messenger who carried a note to the tsar which read: "your wife, the queen, has borne neither a son nor daughter, neither a mouse nor a frog, but had given birth to an unknown little creature".
When he read this message, the tsar was mortified and sent a letter back telling his wife to wait for his return before taking any action. The scheming sisters met the rider on the way back, got him drunk, and replaced the tsar's actual letter with a fake one that ordered the queen and her baby to be put into a barrel and thrown into the sea.
Of course, there was no way to disobey an order from the tsar, so the palace guards put the queen and her son into the barrel and rolled it into the water. As the queen wept inside the barrel, her son grew stronger, not by the day, but by the minute. He begged the waves to wash them onto dry land. The waves obeyed and he and his mother found themselves washed ashore on a deserted island.
The details in this composition expose Mikhail Veselov as a true Master of his craft!!! Detailing enhances architecture, facial expression and landscape! Purposeful precision. The colors that he takes from his palette are light greens, yellows, browns and reds. Gold paint is used to outline and highlight areas of emphasis in the scene. This is done with subtlety and an eye for artistic integrity.
The edges of the lid and the sides of the box are adorned with elegant gold and aluminum ornamentation. The bottom of the box is also decorated with gold and aluminum filigree ornamentation. The box is made of paper-mache.
The casket's exterior and interior are covered with red lacquer. The box has a hinge, and the box rests flat.
The artist completes the piece by writing the title, Kholui,2017 and his name in gold paint under the composition. He doubled this info on the exterior of the lid.

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