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Title: Sadko
Artist: Kuzmenko Galina
Size: 10x8x7.5
Size (inches): 4x3.25x3
Price: $365 $340

This interesting five-sided casket was painted by a talented Palekh artist Galina Kuzmenko.
It depicts the scenes from the Russian folk fairy-tale "Sadko". The tale tells about the exciting adventures of a musician Sadko. Once he was playing his gusli and singing a beautiful song on the riverbank. Suddenly, the Water Elf, enchanted with the wonderful tune, rose out of the lake and rewarded Sadko by telling him a secret. The next day there was a big feast at a merchant's house. The guests started to boast about their wealth. They asked Sadko to join them. He replied modestly that he was not a wealthy man, but he knew one secret - there was a magic golden fish in the Lake Ilmen, which would restore youth to anyone who ate it. The merchants swore that if Sadko could catch that fish they would give him all their goods. Surprising everyone, he caught the golden fish and became one of the richest men in Novgorod. He built a big palace, married a lovely girl named Lubava, and became a prosperous merchant. Once during one of his voyages, he had to throw himself into the sea to appease the Sea Tsar. He came to the Sea Tsar's court, and played his gusli (a musical instrument), while the Sea Tsar danced, causing a great disturbance in the sea. As a result of it, ships were sinking, people were dying. Having realized it, Sadko stopped playing. The tale ends happily: Sadko managed to escape from the underwater kingdom of the Sea Tsar and return to his beloved wife Lubava.
On a lid of the box we can see Sadko, playing his gusli and the Sea Tsar.
A broad spectrum of red, blue, green and yellow colors is used to create this highly detailed work. The background of all the paintings is of the black color, which is a feature of Palekh style.
Gold paint and aluminum paints are used to enhance the life and brightness of the scene. The costumes of the characters are also decorated with gold and aluminum paints.
The box rests on two platforms, that contunues the sides. The edges of the lid and the sides are decorated with simple golden dot ornamentation.
The box is made out of paper-mache made. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. The lid is hinged from the top of the painting on a lid and the box is signed with the artist's name and Palekh.

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